I am a professor with a wide experience -more than 15 years- in the field of intercultural and international communication and I have to say that meeting Tina Li was a personal and professional honor to me. I have used for my Chinese students some of her materials (very useful, critical and well-constructed) and they were very appreciated by them. Besides, Tina Li and myself are sharing some projects together because we both believe that our common experience and background could be an excellent combination to offer practical and theoretical orientation to our potential trainees abroad."


   ----- Prof. Dr. Natalia Fernández Díaz-Cabal, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Ms Li is our lecturer in “Intercultural Communication” class at the Hochschule Mainz. I have been quite impressed from the beginning on about her perception on the cultural relevant contents and its key topics in the business sphere.  With each lecture presented by Ms Li, I have become more and more interested in this vast cultural field.
   She gradually unfolds every dimension of the culture around us and especially explains its relevance in our daily lives. Her lectures are very interesting, intriguing and arouse the desire of students to actively participate by preparing in advance. They require from us to apply all the gathered cultural knowledge in order to develop our cognitive skills and analytical thinking. Thanks to her, I have learned  to think critically, to be tolerant of any kind culture, and first to understand the cultural diversity and its uniqueness, without making  fast conclusions, when cultural misunderstandings arise.


  Ms Li is always ready to listen to us, offer us help and answer all our questions. As her student, I expand constantly my fundamental skills of patience, understanding, listening and expressing my own opinion. In this sense, Ms Li is an impressive person because she is open-minded to any opinion and teaches us to be more tolerant of each other as there is no right or wrong answer. Moreover, she shows and applies the skills of a dedicated teacher who reveals her cultural background and its multifariousness in order to bring us closer and make us feel like a small community. I am very proud to be part of this community and thank her heartily for her contribution to the development  of my cultural values and personal advancement.


                                                                                                                                                                    ------ Blagovesta Pankova, Bulgaria

 Mrs Li was our lecturer for the “intercultural business skills” . I have learned a lot about how to work but furthermore how to communicate and interact with other cultures. Her class helped me to acquire more intercultural knowledge to be prepared for a working environment, where global trade is no longer important for major enterprises. Knowing about her cultural background it was interesting to hear about her experiences she has made living in England and now in Germany. Her classes were diversified and very interesting. Mrs Li is a very committed lecturer who is listening and responding to her students. What we learned was not for our classes, but for life and will help us whenever we get I touch with other cultures.

                                                                                                                                                                        ----- Nele Fechner, Germany

Wir vom International Office der Hochschule Geisenheim hatten Tina Li damit beauftragt, einen interkulturellen Workshop mit dem Titel „Survival Guide in Germany“ für unsere internationalen Studierenden zu halten. Dieser war sehr interaktiv und informativ gestaltet, sodass keine Langeweile aufkam. Da Frau Li bestens weiß, wie es ist, in einem fremden Land zu leben, konnte sie mit sehr viel Verständnis alle Fragen beantworten. Auch die Zusammenarbeit mit uns verlief reibungslos und Frau Li hat sich stets die Zeit genommen, unsere Wünsche zu berücksichtigen. Der nächste Workshop ist daher schon geplant“.


                                                                                          --------- International Office, Hochschule Geisenheim, Germany


 It was very nice visiting the workshop. It gave my new insights into the cultural awareness.

Since I also offer similar workshop about the Arab culture, I learned many things that I can use in workshops as well. Tina showed me how to critically think about my own culture and how to reflect on it.


                                                                                                                                                                              ----Dr. Moustafa Selim, Egypt.  

 Hi, Tina


It was a great workshop I have learned so much thank you for providing the information in such a nice way.


We are all happy to be given the chance to get to know you, to us you are a very friendly and open person – it is an enrichment to have gotten to know you.      


                                              -----Christina Lennerth, Head of Purchase, Germany

"Wir, meine Schwester und ich, hatten Frau Li mit der Frage aufgesucht, um herauszufinden, ob ein Familienkonflikt durch interkulturelle oder durch persönliche Schwierigkeiten entstanden war. Sie hörte aufmerksam und aktiv zu, stellte weiterführende Fragen und gab uns wertvolle erste Hinweise. Nach einer Bedenkzeit schrieb Sie uns ihre weiterführenden Gedanken zu unserem Thema auf.

Das Treffen war sehr informativ, hilfreich und entlastend. Sie ist kompetent und feinfühlig auf uns eingegangen und so konnten wir durch das Gespräch und ihre weiteren Gedanken unseren Familienkonflikt verstehen und mit anderen Augen betrachten. Für die kompetente Beratung danken wir Ihr ganz herzlich."


                                                                                                                                          ------- Ulrike und Christiane, Germany

"My experience with  Tina Li was more, than successful. Before start my study in the German university, I didn't learn English and had practically no skills in the business presentations. In three months of collaboration I managed to pass successfully examination in business English and to receive worthy resultant score. At the moment I continue to work with Tina Li and would like to say, if you appreciate your time and you need the professional coach, you have got the correct address!"


---------Ekaterina Prikhodlo, Russia

Frau Tina Li leitet das Angebot „Englisch“ bei uns in der evangelischen Kindertagesstätte Alzey-Weinheim. Mit viel Liebe und Engagement bringt sie auf spielerische Art und Weise den Kindern die englische Sprache näher. So lernen sie beispielsweise die Farben und Tiernamen kennen. Zum Jahresabschluss erfreuten sie die Familien mit dem Lied „We wish you a merry Christmas". Das Angebot mit Frau Tina Li ist eine große Bereicherung für die Kinder.


-----------Franca Pinske (Leitung der Einrichtung), Germany



"In Ms Li's class I have learnt many interesting topics, such as pronunciation, grammar and how to deliver an effective presentation in English."                                                              

----------Queyue, Chen, China 

In Tina Li`s class I improved my English very well the last few months. We talked about interesting topics, but we also learnt pronunciation, grammar and how to deliver an effective business presentation in English. At the moment I continue to work with Tina Li and if you like to improve your English skills I can recommend Tina Li. She is a very good English trainer.  


-----------Franziska Gröhl, Germany