Tina Li Intercultural Communication Training & Consulting Service  prepares companies, educational institutions to understand and overcome the cultural and communication barriers that impact business outcomes and strategic objectives. 


  • Communicate effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Minimize cultural misunderstandings 
  • Develop a "third-culture" business mentality to ensure the business success.

Most of cultural exploration begins with the annoyance of being lost. Human beings have a great desire to be with people who are similar to themselves. Experiencing other cultures means to step out of our comfort zone.

"It is never possible to understand completely any other human being and no individual will ever really understand himself. This is the beginning of the wisdom in human relations."

                                                                                                  Edward Hall, 1981

  My book: "Decoding Chinese Business Culture- East and West, the hidden dilemmas of working with China" is out.
   This book focuses on the culturally conditioned patterns and behaviours of Chinese people. Western professionals will learn the differences in decision-making, team working, leadership style and conflict resolution in a systematic way.
  This book ( ISBN: 978-3982226088, author Tianwa Li ) is available from Amazon in most countries in Europe and North America. If you want to purchase this book in Germany, you are welcome to contact me directly and I will send you the book personally.