Tina Li Intercultural Communication Training & Consulting Service  prepares companies, educational institutions to understand and overcome the cultural and communication barriers that impact business outcomes and strategic objectives. 


  • Communicate effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Minimize cultural misunderstandings 
  • Develop a "third-culture" business mentality to ensure the business success.

 "Decoding Chinese Business Culture- East and West, the hidden dilemmas of working with China" focuses on the culturally conditioned patterns and behaviours of Chinese people. Western professionals will learn the differences in decision-making, team working, leadership style and conflict resolution in a systematic way.
  This book ( ISBN: 978-3982226088, author Tianwa Li ) is available from Amazon in most countries in Europe and North America. If you want to purchase this book in Germany, you are welcome to contact me directly and I will send you the book personally.


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