Tina Li Training prepares companies, educational institutions and professionals from various industries to understand and overcome the cultural and communication barriers that impact business outcomes and strategic objectives. 


With Tina Li's customized training, you will be able to

  • Minimize cultural misunderstandings
  • Communicate effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Sustain and develop your own competitive advantages
  • Increase the team productivity, creativity and motivation
  • Foresee, identify and solve the cross-cultural conflicts
  • Develop the ability to think out of the box and succeed the limitations of current dilemma

 "Decoding Chinese Business Culture- East and West, the hidden dilemmas of working with China" focuses on the culturally conditioned patterns and behaviours of Chinese people. Western professionals will learn the differences in decision-making, team working, leadership style and conflict resolution in a systematic way.
  This book ( ISBN: 978-3982226088, author Tianwa Li ) is available from Amazon in most countries in Europe and North America.